The Freshman 50 is a dating service created specifically for university freshmen. Our primary aim is to provide useful dating advice to our members. Apart from this, however, we also offer other dating- related services. What follows is a breakdown of the things that we can do for you:


The Freshman 50 offers consultation services for all its members. If you call our 24-hour hotline, a dating consultant will take your call and give you whatever information or assistance you need from us. If no consultant is available at the time of your call, you are guaranteed to get a reply from us in 24 hours.

Dating Advice

As previously mentioned, The Freshman 50’s main goal is to provide dating advice to young university freshmen. From simple situations to the more complex ones, our dating experts are ready to share with you their knowledge and experiences.

Personality and Image Development

The Freshman 50 offers a personality and image development package to all its members. This will help you look and feel good so that by the time you’re ready to meet your date, you’ll be confident and secure.

Date Matching

The Freshman 50 offers handpicked date matching services. We’ll arrange dates for you according to your registered personal details, as well as dating preferences information that you will give us.

Dating Guide

When you’re just about ready to go out and meet your date, we’ll give you a handful of pointers and tips that can help ensure your date is a memorable and meaningful one.

Relationship Advice/Consultation

Once you and your date are ready to take your relationship to a new level, we will be ready to offer you assessment, coaching, and advice.