For college students, the concept of online dating is not new because it has been around for years. However, if you think of a university freshman trying out online dating, you’re talking about something else. For starters, we rarely hear about college students going on online dates. Well, there may be quite a number of them who do so already, but they’re not as common as young professionals or 20- somethings stalking online dating sites 24/7. And, yes, there are university freshmen (or students in general) who found their partners though an online dating service.

While there is nothing wrong with online dating, it is important for young university students to learn more about it before jumping on the bandwagon. Here are three examples of what they should keep in mind when trying to look for a date online:

1. There is a stigma on online dating, but it is generally accepted by many.

It is true that there is some sort of a stigma on online dating. Try telling some people that you’re looking for a date online and a number of them will probably say, “Are you kidding me?” or “Have you gone out of your mind?” They look at online dating as if it is some kind of a deadly disease. In reality, though, online dating is simply an alternative way of finding a date or a significant other. There’s nothing wrong in looking for a companion in life, right?

2. Online dating is perfect for shy people.

Some people who are too shy find it difficult to meet or make new friends. Whenever they need to be around people they do not know; they become nervous. These are the kind of people who can benefit from online dating. Dating services give you the opportunity to meet different people without having to introduce yourself face-to- face. Everything can be done online (except when you’re ready to date, of course!). So if you’re shy, you’ll have time to gather courage for your eventual meetup. You won’t have to be “forced” to come out of your shell when you’re not yet ready.

3. Online dating is less expensive than real-world dating.

Of course, you’ll eventually have to meet each other in person, but at least you won’t have to spend a lot of money getting to know your date. You can do the getting-to- know-you stage online, and you won’t have to try out different restaurants every time you meet!