Being a university freshman is exciting. For many, it’s a totally new world where they do not know what to expect. It can be scary, but it’s also fun. There will be challenges and surprises, but you’ll also have a lot of opportunities to learn and enjoy. One of the challenges that can turn into an opportunity for you is meeting new friends. The university is a bigger world, so you’re bound to meet people from all backgrounds. The challenge for you is to find someone you can be comfortable with. For some freshmen, the real challenge is finding someone to date. Because, yes, college is when your social life is expected to get the green light.

The Freshman 50 was created as a guide for university freshmen who want to start going out on dates but do not have an idea where or how to start. It is a dating service that specializes in dishing out tips, advice, and How-tos on dating and dates. The Freshman 50 is also where you will find stories and special features that can help inspire and make your dating life exciting, fun, and meaningful.

The Freshman 50 is managed by a group of young men and women who believe in the importance of going out to dates to get to know and eventually find your potential partner. They believe that dating is a significant part of growing up and learning. A person who goes out of his way to meet people and to spend time with them will mature into understanding, caring, and lovable individual.

The Freshman 50 is your online haven for everything you need to know to succeed in dating.