Sandblasting Your Drain Pipes – How to Do Correctly

Sandblasting drain pipes can be a little bit complicated to those which have never done anything like this before though it can be less difficult when you know how to. You will need some wet sandblasting equipment; this can be abrasive equipment which will be used to clean up surfaces which are tough to clean. When you are cleaning the drain pipes out then unclogging them will mean that a powerful rush of water that will need to be used instead.

So here are the things that you will need to have for this job;
1.A plumbing snake
2.Some protective equipment
3.Your wet sandblasting equipment
4.The recommended grade of sand also.

The first being that you are going to have to do is to remove a lot of the debris that is clogged up in the pipes.

You will have to try to get as much of the clogged up debris out of the pipe as possible though you will still have to put in your plumbing snake. This plumbing snake will take a hold of the clog and then remove it when you pull it up however if the plumbing snake can’t take out the clog then you will have to move on with your sandblasting procedure.

If you are thinking about buying sandblasting equipment then you should know that it is going to be very expensive in deed though you could save money by renting the sandblasting equipment instead. Whichever way you are going to rent or buy the equipment then you should remember to read the directions fully before you use the machine.

Remember to find out what type of grain of sand that is needed and buy this from your local D.I.Y. store. You should get all of your protective clothes and mask and so forth before you start this process; make sure that you set the machine up and follow the guide that came with the manufacturer’s equipment.

You want to now go ahead and connect this to a major water supply and put your sand in a clean bucket.Don’t actually put the equipment to your sand just yet because you want to firstly try to have a good pressure of water down the drive to see if the clog can be removed.

Take the end of the equipment and put that into your drainage pipe before having the water pressure rise once more. Sometimes the debris takes too long to be removed if the water fills the pipe then the clog is still there though if the clog has been removed then the clog is now gone.

If the clogs are too great then you are going to have to use sand instead, you will now have to take the equipment and connect that to your sand and let the sand blast through the pipes and drain.

You don’t want this pressure water to go on and on for a long time, otherwise the pipes and the piping material can be damaged a little. Remember you want to put the nozzle into the pipe and make sure that you have this to your pipe and switch it on, that will clean the pipes and the sand will drain into the sewer once the clog is cleared.

You might need to go over this process a few times until the clog is gone and the debris is also gone, you can also remove any corroded parts of the pipe which encourages the drain to start clogged up. Sometimes an internal camera would be best if the pipes have become corroded.